The cost of a hair transplant is one of the most common questions asked at PHC. A consultation will not only determine the exact cost of the procedure but also the suitability for a ahir transplant. In many cases other therapies are more appropriate and lead up to a more successful hair transplant. There are two main elements that determine the final cost.

The type of surgical procedure chosen i.e. FUE or FUT, and the number of grafts needed for the desired results are factors that determine the cost of each hair transplant.

Most variations in cost arise from the quantity of grafts used and density required. A thorough examination with the latest technology by one of our expert physicians will help determine the cost of your hair transplantation.

On average, total cost can range from £55 to £150 per calendar month.


At PHC, we recognise that cost can be a key factor in making a decision to go ahead with treatment for your hair loss. Therefore, we have partnered with a finance companies to help make it affordable for you.

This also ensures that we meet standards set out not only by CQC, but also the financial authorities.

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