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Approximately 25% of men in their twenties are affected by hair loss and an astonishing two-thirds of men are affected over sixty. Hair loss is a medical condition, and in men, it has no side-effects but can have significant psychological trauma.

Balding/hair loss is hereditary, occurring to some degree in 60 – 70% of men and 4 – 8% of women, however, some individuals do suffer from baldness even with their parents having all their hair. Hair loss occurs in all ethnic backgrounds and does not differentiate between social status or wealth. Losing hair for men and women is seen as a sign of aging and, for men by association, a loss of virility. Young men feel it is too early and middle-aged men and women see their youth slipping away.

Treatments for male baldness have been around for thousands of years, from ancient pigeon droppings to electroshock treatments for the scalp. Research for a cure has been ongoing and recently it has been found that male-pattern baldness is a result of a gene converting large quantities of testosterone into DHT (di-hydrotestosterone).


All clients theoretically can have a hair transplant, however, not everyone is suitable for one. Age donor availability, client’s aims, and future hair loss are some of the factors that are taken into account when making a decision. An in-depth consultation with one of our medical team can help determine the reasons and expectations of a hair transplant. Through advice, education, and transparency at PHC, we can help you to enhance your quality of life and happiness.

Patient’s with androgenetic alopecia are evaluated for a hair transplant by determining:


There has been an increase in the number of cases relating to female hair loss. The exact reason for the increase is still being researched however diet, stress, and heated hair appliances have shown to exacerbate hair loss. Primarily, hair loss has been associated with men due to a lack of research and reduced prevalence of hair loss in women.

Options available to women are very similar to that of men, however, there are limitations when prescribing oral medication depending on the client’s needs and future plans. Our expertise in hair transplant surgery and hair loss allows you to get the necessary advice and information to make an informed decision.

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