Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves multiple injections of vitamins and/or hormones/enzymes in the mesodermal layer of the skin.
In today’s world mesotherapy is used to treat the following: fat removal, reduction of cellulites, fading fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, hyperpigmentation, alopecia and hair loss.
Minimal risks are observed in patients undergoing mesotherapy treatment but the following can occur: pain, nausea, sweeling and bruising at the injection sites, itchiness and infection.
In hair loss and alopecia treatment mesotherapy shows promising results.
At the scalp we inject vitamins, natural plant extracts or pharmaceuticals i.e., Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Patients treated with mesotherapy claim the following results:

Success of mesotherapy treatment to be between 60% – 90% showing promising results in faster hair growth and longer survival rates of hair follicles.